SweCh Silenzio's Ruffi

born:11.03.94 female
call name : Risa

Best Brood Bitch !

PRA Clear up !

2-Generation Pedigree
Risa SIRE :SweCH.Caspian's Hole in One

DAM : Silenzio's Cherry Blossom

Swe&Nord&IntCH.Silenzio's Danny Key

SweCh.Caspian's Chiquita

Swe&Nord&IntCH Mango's Dainty Distinction

Silenzio's Tizeron


Risa's Puppies
Her 1st litter : SweCh.Silenzio's Big Boss
2nd litter : SweCh.Silenzio's John Silver
SweCh.Silenzio's Jonna Fatima
3rd litter : Silenzio's wash On Go
Live Italy.Silenzio's Washington
4rh litter : Silenzio's Bouna Sera
Silenzio's John Lennon
Silenzio's Peggy Sue
Silenzio's Boggie
AusCh.Queen Bless Jp The Super Star
FinCh.Queen Bless Jp Dace With Me
FinCh.Queen Bless Jp With Connection
Ch.Queen Bless Jp Best Dancer

Litter MateNo,1'98&Int&SweCH.Silenzio's Red Rose
Litter MateSwe&NordCh.Silenzio's Ronja

>Group-Winner.AusCh. Queen Bless Jp The Super Star

White & Red. Male
Call Name : Kin-cyan
Owner : Mrs,Sharon & Mr,Don Mahoney (Aus) & Queen Bless

Kin-cyan : photo taken 12 months.

10 months 10 months

He went to Australia
05.May.2001...He won the Dog CC and Best Junior in the Toy Group !!!
27.May.2001...He won the Dog CC and Junior in the Toy Group 2nd !!!
30.Sep.2001...He won the Dod CC and Toy Group Winner & New Ch !!

B.BIS.Queen Bless Jp Special Edition
White & Black. Female
Call Name : Gin-cyan
4 months 9 months

Gin-cyan's son KingCh.Queen Bless Jp The Victory Road.
got 2002.FCI Asian Int'l Dog Show "Junior 1st & Winners Dog & Major CC"
Thank you Judge Mr, Ellis Hulme (Very Famous papillon breeder in U.K)!!

Puppies 2-Generation Pedigree

Kin-cyan & Gin-cyan SIRE : IntCh&'93TopPuppyInEngland&'97TopPapillon.BISSCh.Glasafon Connor

DAM :SweCh Silenzio's Ruffi

'93TopSireInEngland.Glasafon Gordon's Lad

Sophia Little Lass At Glasafon

SweCH.Caspian's Hole in One

Silenzio's Cherry Blossom

FinCh.Queen Bless jp Dance With Me

white & black . Male
Call Name : Jojo
Owner : Siljan Sweden 4.5 months 1.5 years
FinCh got Only 2 Weeks( 3 times) !!
01.5/26.International Dog Show in Finland...CAC & res.CACIB
Multiple BOB Winner !!

littermate Jojo

FinCh.Queen Bless jp With Connection

white & black . Female
Call Name : Risako
Owner & Handler : Team Conection & Queen Bless
All Breed "BIS" puppy & Multiple BOB & BOS Winner in Finland !

Littermate Jojo & Risako

Ch.Queen Bless Jp Best Dancer
white & black Male

Photo taken 5 months
photo taken 5 months .

Puppies 2-Generation Pedigree

Jojo & Risako & SIRE :'97No,1Puppy&Ch.Queen Bless Magi of Art Etoile

DAM :SweCh Silenzio's Ruffi

IntCh&'93TopPuppyInEngland&'97TopPapillon.BISSCh.Glasafon Connor

'94CruftbCC&EngCh&'96&'95No,1BISCh.Gonmyn Inspiration

SweCH.Caspian's Hole in One

Silenzio's Cherry Blossom

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